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Sports thought of the day

If there’s one thing that Joe Dumars needs to learn how to do, it’s be patient.

The Denver Post reported Sunday that the Nuggets and Pistons were arranging a deal that would send the Pistons’ Arron Afflalo to Denver to clear cap space, which brings me to my first point.

Afflalo’s paycheck this coming season would total all of $1.09 million. In the sports world, that’s pocket change. Not even pocket change. Walter Sharpe nearly gets paid that much, and the only time fans usually see him is during timeouts, where he can be spotted in the second row donning his finest designer suit.

What Afflalo brings to the Pistons is rare. He brings a work ethic, he brings backcourt defense, and he brings an ever-improving jump shot. The front office is always talking about how important a positive attitude and hard work is to becoming a contender, so why would they think about getting rid of the one guy that does those things best?

The answer: there is none.

Like so many puzzling moves the Pistons have made over the past five years, there’s a good chance this will become the latest cherry on top of the team’s Cupcake of Confusion.

Part of the disarray lies in Dumars’ fear of commitment: six coaches in ten years, letting valuable free agents go, and, in Arron Afflalo’s case, ousting young guys before they can come to fruition.

Ironically, that fear of commitment was briefly overlooked when he signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to respective five-year contracts. The contract lengths were head-scratchers, due to their streakiness and poor defense.

Newly-hired Pistons coach John Kuester, who was an assistant to Larry Brown, has already stated that he wants to emphasize defense. How many players on the current Pistons roster can boast about their defense? Two or three, tops.

Why not lock up 1/58th of your cap space on a player who meshes with Kuester’s system perfectly?

Joe only knows…

-Adam Debrowski
Sports Reporter

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    • Adam B
    • Good thoughts. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he’s freeing up that extra space to bring in someone else? Who knows…

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