Western Herald – Web Wonders blog #1 – Slim Jims, silly games, and school supplies

Web Wonders blog #1 – Slim Jims, silly games, and school supplies

Cody Kimball
Director of Technology

As a web designer, I spend more than my fair share of time on the Internet. Let me share the “wisdom” of my wanderings.
Is your Facebook feed boring you lately? Let me provide you with some tools and distractions that you had no idea you needed! Maybe you’ll even do something good in the process.

"Board Game Online" gameplay from www.boardgame-online.com

Something Good:
Slim Jim has a promotion going on until April 1, that allows users to send messages to the troops, attached to meaty snacks at no cost. The “Center for Spice Loss – Tribute to the Troops” campaign will be sending over 1 Million of the meaty morsels to our men and women in uniform, with up to half of them bearing personalized thank you notes. At the web page you can see other people’s messages that have been submitted, raining down as little processed paratroopers.You can submit as many messages as you want, in 130 characters or less. At the time of writing, less than 61,000 have been personalized of the total 500,000 so get to it.

Thank the troops over at http://www.slimjim.com/troops.jsp

Something Distracting:
Eventually, virtual farms and Facebook crossword-puzzles do get boring, and not everyone carries a console around with them. Looking for a new way to procrastinate on your school work in the back of class while pretending to take notes? Give Board Game Online a shot. Board game online is all the casual atmosphere of a typical flash game, with all the familiarity of a board game set in a Yahooligans-era style. It’s simple enough, you can join a game or watch, as players roll the dice and try to be the first to cross a finish line. With one catch – it’s completely random and insane. Your characters can die, catch STDs, be the victims of Internet meme-related obstacles (I personally caught crabs after fleeing a pirate ship). A Youtube-jukebox adds to the experience, as players decide what tunes to subject their opponents to. Be a wizard, ride an Acme rocket, and try not to get Rick Rolled.

The Game: http://www.boardgame-online.com/

Something Pointless:
A digital sticky hand. Ever get one of those stretchy toy hands from a vending machine that you would swing around until it was covered in fuzz or break? It’s just like that, without the mess, but with all the same satisfying smack that you grew up with. This “sitelet” is one of Many in Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Islands”. We’ll explore the others another time.
Waste some time over at http://astretchyhand.com/

Something Useful:
Free office tools! Yeah, that’s right, as in something that might actually help you get work done when not tethered to a desk. Don’t have the money to afford the new Microsoft Office suite? Forget about it. Apache Open Office has you covered. It’s free, and features a word processor that gives Microsoft a run for its money (it can even save in Word file formats), a calculator, a slide show maker, spreadsheet software, database manager, and even drawing software. Did I mention its free? Give it a try before you break the bank, you may be surprised.

Check it out over at http://www.openoffice.org/

Now that you have some modern production power, what about communicating with those who insist on using last-century technology like the fax machine? Do you even own a fax machine? Probably not. But, there’s good news. In the event you need to fax something, give faxZero a try. FaxZero is a website that allows you to send up to three pages plus a cover page, to any fax machine in the the United States or Canada, up to five times a day for free. There’s that good four-letter “f” word again.
Just attach your PDF or Word document, punch in your info for the cover page, and point it in the right direction. You’ll never even have to touch a piece of real paper.

In case of fossil-tech emergency, find them over at http://faxzero.com/

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