Western Herald – Secession petitions continue to grow on White House website

Secession petitions continue to grow on White House website

Aaron LaRoy

News Reporter

It’s been one week since the presidential election.  In that amount of time, people from 49 of the 50 U.S. states have filed petitions on the White House website to peacefully secede from the Union.

Photo via Tumblr.com.

Over 700,000 signatures have been placed on the petitions in favor of secession. It’s possible that the same signature is on several different petitions, though. It’s actually not very many signatures, considering that there are over 314 million people in the U.S. But support continues to come in.

All of this is happening shortly after a vote revealed that the majority of Puerto Ricans are in favor of becoming the 51st state.

Vermont hasn’t jumped on the petitioning bandwagon yet. However, since anyone can start a petition, someone will probably do it soon whether they’re from Vermont or not.

According to the website, the White House will respond to a petition if it receives at least 25,000 signatures within 30 days.  Thus far, seven states are over that mark.  Texas is leading the way with over 105,000.  Over 17,000 people have digitally signed the Michigan petition to peacefully secede.

If the White House holds to their policies, we can expect a response from the staff soon.

It is extremely unlikely that any state will really secede (here is some history of secession), but this does demonstrate that there are a lot of people that do not like Obama’s policies.  Fright about the Affordable Care Act continues to plague many citizens, as well as worry about the national debt.  This appears to be a way to voice their concerns and anger.

Opponents of the secession movement also exist.  One petition calls for everyone that signed in favor of secession to be stripped of their U.S. citizenship and exiled.  It has over 12,000 digital signatures.  The are also a few petitions on the website asking that some cities be allowed to secede from their states so that the city can remain part of the Union (if the state were to secede).

One thing these petitions reinforce is that the United States of America is becoming less and less united.  With about 120 million total votes in the last election, just three million votes separated the two presidenial candidates in the popular vote.  The people of America appear to be completely divided.

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3 Comments to Secession petitions continue to grow on White House website
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    • Michael Kegley
    • As of now, the the secessionist petition has 18,624 of the 25,000 signatures required by December 10, 2012 – and they just filed their petition on 11/10/2012!.

      This is, of course, whacky nonsense; but I would prefer that the rest of the country not think of the citizens of the Great State of Michigan as whack-jobs, so I have created a petition to : “AFFIRM the State of MICHIGAN as a proud member of these United States of America:

      PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD so that we can cancel out their efforts – and allow the government to work on issues that are more pressing than nonsense such as this. We need 25,000 signatures by DECEMBER 16, 2012.
      Until this petition has 150 signatures, it will only be available from the following URL and WILL NOT BE PUBLICLY VIEWABLE on the Open Petitions section of We the People. We have only 30 days to get 25,000 signatures Please pass this along! :-)

      You can sign the petition AFFIRMING Michigan’s statehood here:


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