Western Herald – Opinion: Wearing leggings is the same as being pants-less

Opinion: Wearing leggings is the same as being pants-less

Jax Anger
Newsletter/Opinion Editor

Fewer things in the world are more disgusting, vile and revolting than the fashion trend of leggings worn as pants.

Leggings have had a long history in fashion. Being a garment traditionally worn by men in the Renaissance, the transition of their use by women took hold in the 1990s and ever since they have been the quintessential article of clothing worn by lazy people who do not have the self-respect to wake every day and put on a suitable pair of trousers.

I have always been against this fashion trend. It is not because I want to shame larger women for having too much junk in the trunk, or because whole websites have sprung up glorifying the shapeliness of a woman’s behind while wearing leggings (thus objectifying them). I genuinely feel that leggings should only be worn as P.J.s or workout clothes, far, far away from what is considered “daily attire.”

The trend has been growing and becoming a genuine problem. Schools in several states have banned them being worn in school for the exact reasons I alluded to above. Schools cite that they show too much of the anatomy and they are distracting the hormone-engorged boys from paying attention in class.

People who wear leggings as a primary covering for their lower half do so for two reasons: sloth or attention.

Laziness is the epitome of the college life however there should be something said about someone who is so lazy they can’t even be bothered to put on a pair of pants. Others who wish to be looked at wear leggings much in the same way a bird attracts a mate. By wearing sexually alluring clothing the odds of finding a suitable subject to mate with increases dramatically.

Simply put, either you’re looking for love or you’re too lazy to care. Either way, I have no problem with people letting it all hang out, but I do have a problem with it hanging in my face.

To me, I’d rather see this trend put back to its original origins in the renaissance and have men start sporting leggings around campus. It may sound ridiculous, and it may look silly, but so do women wearing nothing but leggings on their lower halves.








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