Western Herald – Letter to the Editor: Marching band deserves a practice field

Letter to the Editor: Marching band deserves a practice field

Having been in marching band for five years, I have learned practice to be one of the most critical pieces toward achieving success. Since joining the marching band, I have discovered the amount of practice is slightly overwhelming. Practice involves band camp which consists of twelve hours per day for a week in addition to approximately two hours per day during the regular marching band season. The marching band currently does not have a practice field other than a parking lot with spray painted lines. Even though most of our shows are performed on a turf football field, we are not permitted to practice there.

All the students in the band pay the cost for a one credit class, some attire, and some meals according to the official Bronco Marching Band website. Even though many students have financial burdens, they still find a way to pay in order to be involved in band. However, the opposition may claim the cost for a practice field may be too much; as college tuition has already been growing substantially increasing student financial burdens. In spite of, the gains would outweigh the cost with building a practice field for us. A practice field would help us perform better because we would be used to the turf and as a result, hype people up even more for the football games to get more recognition.

WMU investing in a practice field benefits the band, the university and the community by supporting and encouraging marching band as we contribute back through increased attendance at games, increased student participation, higher standards for band, and entertainment for the community.

-Alyssa Lem, Freshman WMU Student



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    • Patrick Buzzard
    • As a 5 year veteran of the BMB I fail to see where a turf practice field would really be a good investment. In a campus with such limited space (has WMU EVER had enough parking?) it would be a really poor decision to spend the thousands of dollars to install a turf practice field, that can only be used for band practice. The parking lot has served thousands of BMB members over the past 20+ years. Let’s not spend money just for the sake of convenience!

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