Western Herald – Letter to the editor: CIS 1020 a necessary class

Letter to the editor: CIS 1020 a necessary class

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Dear Editor,

Is CIS 1020, Intro to Business Computing, a necessary class? I have heard many classmates say that it’s tedious work because the professor puts up videos online to show you how to complete the homework. Taking that into consideration, Marcus Wohlsen states in his article, “Why You’re Still Stuck Using Microsoft Office”, “Microsoft Office controls over 90 percent of the business productivity market”. Considering that fact, do you really want to be that person who’s not able to get a job because you can’t even open Excel? With a tough job market already, you need every little advantage that you can get to have a good shot at a job.

The homework that’s given in this class is seen as being tedious because the program will show you exactly what to do, or the professor will put up videos to help guide you through projects. However, the professor is just trying to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing because he’s not going to be there while you’re doing your homework. He’s trying to help you as much as he can so that you can survive in a culture consumed by computers. Would you rather not have all that extra help and not have any idea what to do? People complain that this class is “busy work,” because it takes an hour to put simple equations, that are provided to you, in Excel, but this is one of the most important classes. This class is important because “For more than 20 years, Microsoft Office has served as the world’s default work tool,” Wohlsen also states in his article. Even though the professor is trying to teach you these valuable tools, such as preforming a VLOOKUP or making Pivot Tables, people still complain and say that it’s pointless.

In conclusion, CIS 1020 is one of the most important classes that a business student can take because you are taught useful functions that many other people don’t know how to do. Why complain? So much business is done using Microsoft Office, by knowing what you’re doing, you’re getting a step ahead of all the other people that became confused when I mentioned a VLOOKUP function and others who don’t know how to use this software properly.

Thank you,

Keith Luoma
WMU Freshmen


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    • Student
    • This is funny because the CS1000 class which was offered to students as a general education requirement has been completely abandoned and the class recalled due to low enrollment since the professor was horrible and alternatives such as FCS and BUS are now offered. I agree a computing class is necessary but lets hope the professors dont let it get to their heads or we might have another professor boycotted and class removed!

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