Western Herald – Column: How WesternHerald.com is adjusting to new journalistic needs

Column: How WesternHerald.com is adjusting to new journalistic needs

Ambrosia Neldon
News Editor

As you may have noticed, the WesternHerald.com has been under construction for a couple of weeks now. When I became News Editor/Web Manager, one of the first goals I had was to create a more efficient, easy-access, aesthetically pleasing Website to better accommodate our readers.

With the previous Website template, Herald editors (including myself) constantly received critique about the layout of the Website. Readers said the site was too jumbled, didn’t work, contained old or weirdly formatted pictures, or simply contained old news.

The Western Herald staff has been attempting to resolve the latter issue since the beginning of the semester. Because the Herald only publishes a newspaper once a month, we have become much more reliant on our Website to share news with our readers. Consequently, news is constantly added to the WesternHerald.com as quickly and efficiently as possible ultimately eliminating the issue of old news remaining on the Website.

Other issues were not as simple to resolve. First, we attempted to work with the existing Website in order to accommodate the new needs of our readers. Anyone with coding or Website design experience should know how difficult this can be, as it was for our poor Director of Technology, who designs our Website. So, we decided to start with an entirely new template, which is what you see now.

With that being said, issues with the new template are still being worked out. Please bear with us!

The Western Herald editorial staff apologize for inconveniences you may experience while the kinks are being worked out, and encourages you to tell us about them. Tell us about what you like, what you don’t like and any changes you would make in the comment section below. As always, readers can also e-mail the Editor-in-Chief, Erin Gignac at herald-editor@wmich.edu or myself at herald-newseditor@wmich.edu with any complaints or suggestions.

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