Western Herald – Review of Santorini Island Grill

Review of Santorini Island Grill

Aaron LaRoy
News Reporter

The Santorini Island Grill, in the lower level of the Bernhard Center, has been open for about a week now, so it’s time we let you know what it’s all about.

The restaurant is a lot like Subway, keeping food in pans out in front of the counter.  Customers choose what they would like and the employees assemble their order before their eyes.  Then, their food is boxed up, payment is accepted, and the next customer is helped.  It’s meant to be a place where a student can get some food fast and be on their way.

One thing struck me as I waited in line.  I questioned in my mind how long the food had been in the pans before it made it into my box.  I ordered a chicken burrito, and the chicken was just sitting in a warming pan.  Whether or not the pan was warm enough to prevent bacteria growth is unknown.  If I ingested grilled chicken that had been sitting in a warm (not hot) pan for over an hour, I would be a little hesitant to go back for more.

The wait was longer than I expected for a place that appears to have set everything up to process an order quickly.  I went at 3:15 p.m. and I waited almost ten minutes.  In defense of the Santorini Island Grill, there were two people in line in front of me when I started the clock.  However, they aren’t what caused the delay.  I waited the longest for my fries to be done, since they were out of fries in the warming pan.  I didn’t mind waiting for something I knew would be fresh, though!  All this being said, I wouldn’t recommend trying to get some food from there at a busy time of day if you have to get to another class quickly.

The amount of food I got for the price was average.  It’s comparable to Subway, Jimmy John’s and other places like that.  I paid $6.25 for my chicken burrito, fries and a can of Sprite.

Now, let’s look at the food, because that’s all that really matters.  The burrito was very good.  It had nice flavor from the rice and the chicken in it.  The fries were good, too, but they could have used a little more of their special seasoning in my opinion.

So, all this considered, I give the Santorini Island Grill three stars out of four.  However, that rating is assuming that the food in the pans hasn’t been setting out for a long period of time and has remained sanitary.

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