Western Herald – Blog: The three best sandwiches in Kalamazoo

Blog: The three best sandwiches in Kalamazoo

Megan Wenzl
News Reporter

After living in Kalamazoo for almost four years, I ate many sandwiches from numerous restaurants in Kalamazoo. From all of my sandwich experiences, here are the top three sandwiches in Kalamazoo.

1. The Chicken Dance

Take a break from the cafeteria this weekend and travel over to Food Dance for the Chicken Dance, a unique sandwich in a vibrant, natural food-based restaurant.

The Chicken Dance starts with house-baked sourdough bread, then is topped with grilled chicken breast, applewood smoked bacon, aged cheddar, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo. I recommend choosing Food Dance’s hand-cut fries as a side. This sandwich is sure to ignite anyone’s taste buds.

Price: $12.95 for lunch, $14 for dinner

2. The Beasty

From Jersey Giant Subs on 563 N. Drake Rd, The Beasty will not only satisfy, but make just about anyone cry of happiness. With all meat sliced right on the spot, this 15-inch sub with ham, roast beef, turkey and cheese is the perfect cold sandwich. With vegetables, Jersey Giant’s secret Italian vinaigrette recipe and Giardeniera for extra flavor, this sandwich will make you melt.

Price: $9.20

3. The Den’s, “Sammich”

This unique Western Michigan party store serves an equally unique sandwich. Skip Subway and grab a Sammich at the Den. Similar to Subway’s method of choosing bread, meat, cheese and vegetables, a Sammich is more of an original deli style sandwich. The Den’s Sammich is so fulfilling that you’ll still be thinking about it through your next lecture. Don’t forget to add the famous Den Pop and a bag of chips.

Price: $5.30

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