Western Herald – Buckland, Feriend campaign focuses on pride, diversity, safety and involvement

Buckland, Feriend campaign focuses on pride, diversity, safety and involvement

Christina Cantero
News Reporter

The Western Student Association (WSA) elections are coming up soon, and Dillon Buckland is one of the first to announce that he is running for president.

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Buckland and his members are focusing on reducing parking issues on the main campus by moving cars to new areas.

“We can utilize Bronco Transit to satellite parking lots on East Campus, because of the congestion on West Campus,” said Buckland.

Another issue that Buckland wants to look into is the sustainability fee. Students pay $8 each semester that goes towards a sustainability grant, which in recent years has made initiatives such as the eco mug possible, according to Buckland.

“I think it’s important for students to know where the money is going,” said Buckland. ” We don’t know where $35,000-40,000 of the sustainability grant from last year went, and since we pay for it we should know where it goes.”

The sophomore is currently the Academic Affairs Chair in WSA, the first person in the organization’s history to hold this position.

“The current president split the Student Affairs Chair into two different roles,” said Buckland, who adds that the split has made it possible for him and Student Affairs Chair Anthony Haduch to accomplish a lot more.

Buckland has also been pushing for a grading reform for the past year in WSA, which would eliminate the BA, and use B+ instead.

“Most of our peer universities use this system, the one we use is closer to what a private university would use,” said Buckland. “By changing the system we would make it easier for students that are transferring in and out of Western.”

His running mate, Kelsi Feriend, is not only an experienced WSA senator, but is also one of Buckland’s close friends.

“As a slate, we are more than just two people that wanted to join an election; our foundation is friendship and that makes us a very strong duo,” said Feriend.

Feriend also said that Buckland would make a good president because of his passion for WMU as an out-of-state student. The candidate originally had the choice to attend college in Florida, where his closest family currently reside.

“He is enthusiastic, innovative, and has a youthful spirit that would do the Western Student Association some good,” said Feriend.

Buckland’s campaing will also focus on supporting the proposed student media fee, which, if voted and passed by students, would help support the university’s student media organizations.

“I feel like the university wouldn’t be fully functioning without student media. WIDR and the Western Herald are a part of our history,” said Buckland. “But we need to make some changes, and appeal to a larger audience.”

The sophomore is also interested in preserving another portion of WMU’s history, as he wants the school to preserve as much of East Campus as possible.

“East Campus is essential to WMU, but obviously the funding is an isse,” he said. “I think we should at least save East Hall.”

For more information on Buckland and Feriend’s campaign visit http://bucklandferiend.weebly.com/

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