Western Herald – WMU students show support for marriage equality

WMU students show support for marriage equality

Megan Wenzl
News Reporter

Today, in Washington D.C., supporters of marriage equality are standing outside the the Supreme Court to show their belief that all Americans, no matter who they love, deserve equality under the law, according to the Human Rights Campaign website.

Jennifer Forcier, psychology major and senior at WMU is just one of the many students showing her support for marriage equality on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

“I think that everyone should have the choice to marry who they want,” said Forcier. “It should be a basic American freedom. It shouldn’t matter if its the same sex or opposite. I personally don’t believe that marriage is a love contract, but one between two people who want to combine their life,” Forcier said.

“Whether for financial, insurance or love,” she said. “Either way it shouldn’t be the government telling us who can marry.”



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