Western Herald – WMU students and others react to preacher who caused uproar on campus via Facebook

WMU students and others react to preacher who caused uproar on campus via Facebook

Meghan Chandler
Newsletter Editor

The police were called to a demonstration Wednesday to maintain the peace while a community member shouted to students that they were going to hell. The demonstration by Bro Dean, 22, of the Christian Non-denomination Church, spurred some powerful reactions on Facebook.

Bro Dean preaches his thoughts to a crowd of students at the flag poles Kenny Wenzel/Western Herald

Alex Freguson, the first to comment, simply said, “Woah…”

But other commenters expressed their opposition to Dean’s demonstration:

Sarah O’Brien
“I’m not pleased that these people are permitted to be here. They do nothing but sling hate speech.”

Judy Krane-Calvert
“What the hell is going on at school, Nate? Hey, free speech and all that, but this is just plain hateful. How dare these idiots stand up there and tell people tehy’re going to hell? Shit, any freshman who’s taken even just REL 1000 is more qualified to be a “preacher” than scum like that.”

Others simply said that students should ignore the words:

Nathan F. DeBoer
“These groups have been coming to campus for years. If you don’t share their beliefs, just ignore them. They thrive on attention from passersby, and particularly from confrontation.”

Christine Iaderosa
“I think it’s best to not engage any of these people – that’s what they want. But it is also important to balance their hate speech with positive messages. I plan to do just that whenever I have the chance.

The reactions to the demonstration continued even after it ended at 3 p.m. on Wednesday. One Facebook commenter said that she would like to take action to prevent speeches like this from reoccuring.

Kaila Greatness Baila
“I actually want to make some sort of petition. The man called me a “disgusting fag” and “vagina licking whore” in front of a bunch of people yesterday just for being proud of who I am. He told me “God hates me” and that “I’m going to the deepest part of Hell.” The worst part about it is that he has two children with him. He must be stop. I didn’t pay to come to school to be harassed.”

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