Western Herald – WMU graduate is soon-to-be star of MTV’s “True Life: I’m Preparing for the End of the World”

WMU graduate is soon-to-be star of MTV’s “True Life: I’m Preparing for the End of the World”

Kaitlyn Mitchell
News Reporter

Tyler Trieweiler has recently caught the attention of the MTV, which will feature him, his twin brother, Vinny and his friend Julian Alcantar on its True Life reality show, in a segment entit

led “I’m preparing for the End of the World.”

The Western Michigan University graduate has a degree in Film, Video, and Media Studies and a minor in Creative Writing.

“While I was at school, I didn’t have a lot of time to think freely. After graduating I had a lot of time to immerse myself in the world that’s more creative and more outside of the box, and I kind of had a spiritual awakening. It’s not just about the degree you have. It’s about your ambition, and your drive. If you want to do cool things and you have a positive attitude, it’ll happen,” said Trierweiler.

When asked about his denomination, Trierweiler described his unique spiritual beliefs.

“I don’t really have one. I’m open to a shift in human consciousness. I think we’re all spiritual beings. I don’t think putting a label on it, like institutionalized religion, is necessary. I think everybody’s got their own path. Whatever works for you is the path you should take, but I’m non-judgmental towards everyone,” said Trierweiler.

Trierweiler values the collaboration with his friends as an essential part of the documentary experience. Trierweiler and his twin brother, Vinny, are currently operating a musician’s cooperative along with Alcantar.

“Julian is from Mexico. Vinny, he went to KVCC, but basically just stopped to pursue things in the real world,” said Trierweiler.

The men’s alternative lifestyles have benefitted their personal well-being immensely.

“We started playing with vegetarianism and solar gazing, and not drinking fluorinated water. It’s had a big impact on the way we think, our happiness levels, and our energy. The more we played with it, the more we realized this is something that’s real. It’s not just something that we’re making up on some trip in our heads,” said Trierweiler.

The Trierweiler brothers’ techniques to sustain their lifestyle include having owned and operated “The Dirty Hippie” coffee shop and a day camp in Grand Rapids, selling hummus at the farmer’s market, and making YouTube music videos for their new-age pop band “The Twins”.

After Trierweiler responded to a casting call on Craigslist, MTV showed immediate interest. The producer of MTV’s True Life flew in to film at their cooperative for three days in October, and liked how the Trierweilers and Alcantar behaved in front of the camera.

“They basically just asked if we’d want to do a tour where we would interview other people that are into the new-age topics and spread our beliefs on love and the consciousness shift, and we were like, “Hell yeah, we’ll do it,” said Trierweiler.

The friends are only one component of a cast of other young people who will be making documentaries for the episode.

“We’re the only ones talking about the Christ consciousness shift. There’s another girl in the documentary that’s coming from the stashing weapons and doomsday perspective of it, and she’s in Arizona” said Trieweiler.

The Trieweilers and Alcantar plan to film their documentary mostly in large cities in the Midwest and on the east coast. They leave for Chicago in December.

“We’re going to do a little bit more filming here in Kalamazoo – we’ve already done a bunch here. If we go east [as opposed to west], there will be a lot less travel time in between big cities,” said Trieweiler.

The three friends have raised $2,000 from generous donors to pay for the trip costs.

“Dr. Machiorlatti – she was one of my professors in the video department – just today donated a huge sum. We’ve got awesome support from even professors here at Western,” said Trieweiler.

The MTV True Life special is set to air in February. The Trierweilers will be finished traveling and filming by the end of December this year.

To see Trierweiler’s short film on their documentary, click here.

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