Western Herald – WMU faculty shares holiday plans for Thanksgiving recess

WMU faculty shares holiday plans for Thanksgiving recess

Jake Nelson
News Reporter

November brings cold weather, falling leaves and Black Friday. Among the madness, November also brings Thanksgiving: a time of food and family.
Everyone has traditions and meals that they cook with their families during Thanksgiving, whether it be cooking turkey and pie, or jumping in leaves and watching the Lions.
The faculty at Western Michigan University is no different.

Nicholas Andreadis, dean of the Lee Honors College, reviews mid-semester paperwork in his office with Thanksgiving less than a month away. “Our tradition has always been to see a movie, usually something like James Bond or a Bourne movie,” he said. Jake Nelson/Western Herald

“Our tradition has always been to see a movie,” said Nicholas Andreadis, dean of the Lee Honors College. “Usually something like James Bond, or a Bourne movie.”
The movies they pick usually have something that everyone in the family likes, he said. After the movie, Andreadis and his family go back to their home to enjoy candy apples together.
While Andreadis’ family is off to the movies, Linda Dunn, wife of WMU President John Dunn, is preparing their Thanksgiving tradition.
“There’s a silly little thing my family has always done concerning pie crust,” Linda Dunn said. “My grandmother, my mom, myself, and my daughter all make it: that’s four generations.”
In order to make Dunn’s recipe, all someone needs is leftover pie crust. From there, they just roll it into a ball, flatten it out, cut a circle, spread the top with butter, sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon on the top, and then roll it up.
“If you put a little water on the edge of the dough, it will seal it better,” said Dunn.
Cut the dough roll into about half to three-quarter inch slices and place the rounds on a cookie sheet. Bake them for about 10 minutes, at the same temperature as your pie was cooked.
While making Dunn’s pie snacks has always been easy, one of her first turkeys was not.
“Once, I didn’t clean the inside of the turkey and stuffed it from the wrong end,” Dunn said. “That was a little embarrassing.”
Thanksgiving break starts on Wednesday, Nov. 21 at noon.

Whatever your tradition is, try to spend the long weekend with food and, most importantly, family.

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