Western Herald – WMU College of Arts and Sciences advising office moving to temporary location in Moore Hall Friday

WMU College of Arts and Sciences advising office moving to temporary location in Moore Hall Friday

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Ted Yoakum
News Reporter

The College of Arts and Sciences advising office will be closed Thursday, as its staff prepares to move to its operations to a new, temporary location in Moore Hall, according to officials with the academic college.

The new facility will be located in room 2047 of the building, across the street from its current space within Friedmann Hall. The office will reopen on Friday at 8 a.m., and will retain its current phone number, at (269) 387-4355.

Arts and Sciences advisors will remain in the temporary offices throughout the rest of the fall semester, as renovation work begins to modernize the older center, to help it remain competitive with other advising offices around the University, said Kevin Knutson, the director of advising for the academic college.

“The Hayworth College of Business has a nice place for their students,” Knutson said. “Health and Human Services has a very nice facility and space for their students. The College of Engineering has a beautiful facility.”

Some of the changes that the Arts and Sciences department are planning on making with the new facility include more office spaces for advisors, a larger and more comfortable student waiting area, and a large glass panel around the edge of the office to give the area a more inviting look.

“The College of Arts and Sciences is made up of many different buildings,” Knutson said. “We really wanted to give students a space really feel where they could identify, and feel that they are being treated the same as some of their friends in other colleges.”

Talks of overhauling the Friedmann office has been going nearly a year within the college, Knutson said, with the estimated budget of the project sent and approved by Dean Alex Enyedi during the summer.

“Enyedi has been the real cheerleader for the project, helping to make it happen,” Knutson said.

While the renovation plans are quite extensive, the actual construction work should cause only a minimal amount of disruption to staff and faculty who occupy other offices within Friedmann, Knutson said.

The timeline for the project is still up in the air, but the college is hopeful that construction will be wrapped during the middle of spring semester, around the middle of March, the director added.

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