Western Herald – Western Herald Weekly Buzz, November 19: “A World Without Twinkies”

Western Herald Weekly Buzz, November 19: “A World Without Twinkies”

Ted Yoakum
News Reporter

After a week of absence, the Western Herald Weekly Buzz is back in action. A couple things have changed since our inaugural episode, most notably a change in recording location.

We’re also making some changes to the format of the show itself. We know that our fellow Broncos already spread their time quite thin. Between going to class, holding down a job, hanging out with friends, finding a spare thirty minutes to listen to our show can be quite a feat.

With that in mind, our new goal is to bring you shorter episodes. This week we managed to shave about five minutes off our previous running time, and we’ll be working hard to bring that number even lower in our next episode.

As always, feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Let us know if you like our changes, what we could do better, etc., in the comments below.

Thanks again for listening!

This week, Erin and I are joined by special guest Cody Kimball, the Western Herald’s technology manager/resident DJ, to discuss the changes made to our spiffy new website.

We also share our thoughts on the impeding closing of the Rave theater downtown, on how NOT to react to an election that didn’t go your way and on what we’re most thankful this year (which may or may not include pickled eggs and $3 lotto tickets). Finally, we mourn the loss of a beloved American icon (RIP Hostess).

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