Western Herald – UPDATE: Students witnessed fatal accident Sunday morning

UPDATE: Students witnessed fatal accident Sunday morning

Craig Manning and Ambrosia Neldon
A&E Editor and News Editor

Following the fatal accident at the corner of Emajean and West Michigan Avenue, students at Western Michigan University seem unsurprised.

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Danny Mui, a resident of the Hidden Hills apartment complex located just up Emajean Street, was out driving at the time of the accident.

“I was driving west on West Michigan Avenue with a friend of mine, and suddenly the two cars in front of me pulled over,” Mui said. “The drivers got out of their cars and ran towards the bike lane, and I noticed there was a body on the side of the road.”

Mui guessed that the two vehicles in front of him, a red sedan and a black truck, were the first drivers to respond to the accident.

Mui also observed that the victim, an African American female dressed in dark clothing and wearing neither shoes nor socks, was lying spread-eagled on the ground with her face toward the road. He said she exhibited no signs of consciousness.

Emajean Street is located just a few blocks southwest of Western Michigan University’s campus. There are several apartment complexes located in the area and students are known to run in and out between parties.
Jarred Small, Mui’s roommate and another Hidden Hills resident, also got a look at the aftermath of the accident.

“I start to see these lights through my window and hear these sirens, a whole lot of sirens,” Small said. “And I hear some commotion outside. There was a party going on across parking lot, and I heard some people screaming, so I got up to look out the window. I’m on the third floor of the apartment complex, so I can see the intersection it happened at. And I look and there’s an ambulance on the scene, probably seven or eight squad cars. Traffic’s backed up all along West Michigan.”

The 22 year-old female’s name is not being released by the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety until police are able to notify the victim’s family.

At this time, police say that neither alcohol nor speed seem to be factors in the accident.

The name of the driver has also not been released.

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