Western Herald – Sindecuse health center seeks students to join health council

Sindecuse health center seeks students to join health council

Hannah Ball
A&E Reporter

Western Michigan University’s Sindecuse Health Center is seeking students who are interested in joining their health council, especially who are interested in or studies health.

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The Student Health Advisory Council, created by Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education Jenna Jones and Marketing Manager at Sindecuse Joe VanDerBos created the council, and are aiming to form a diverse group of students.

Members of the council will reflect diversity of the university, contribute ideas for improvement for Sindecuse, educated students about the services offered by the Health Center, advocate for student issues the staff, assess and advise on health-related issues in front of the university, promote and participate in prevention activities that encourage healthy choices, skills, and social environments, according to the Sindecuse website.

“We would really love a very representative council,” Jones said.

Both WMU undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply to join the council. This student-led group will be facilitated by the Sindecuse staff, who will support and guide members with the council, and other exposure in the health field.

“We definitely want the student voice to be part of the decisions at the health center here, in terms of planning, in terms of how things get done to make sure that we’re not missing out on something that the students clearly want,” Jones said.

Jones hopes to use the Student Health Advisory Council as a connection between the students and health center by avoiding disconnect, and forming better relationships with the students and doctors. The council will allow Sindecuse to be knowledgeable about students’ needs as they arise, and students will learn more about the services the center offers.

The council will be able to decide its own goals, Jones said, because it is a student-needs based group.

“We are really looking to the advisory council to set their own goals with some guidance from us,” Jones said.

Students must apply in order to join and will be required to go through an interview.

Applications to join the council will be accepted through Feb. 14. An active membership will last one academic year from August to April, while monthly meetings will begin in March. The council will elect leaders who will work with Sindecuse staff to plan council activities.

“[The training] depends on what is necessary for them to do what they need to do,” Jones said. “It’s great experience for them. It’s great professional development,” Jones said. Members of the council will be able to experience behind-the-scenes activities in the health field, as well as obtain leadership skills, develop connections, and be able to act as an advocate for the students.


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Hannah Ball is a junior at Western Michigan University, double majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. As an hourly reporter, Hannah writes News and A&E.

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