Western Herald – Sandy throws wrench into regular life

Sandy throws wrench into regular life

Superstorm Sandy has been downgraded from a hurricane to a "superstorm" in the last few days, but the effects of the storm are still extremely detrimental. Facebook File Photo

Aaron LaRoy
Staff Reporter

It’s anything but a normal day for those living on the East Coast.  What used to be Hurricane Sandy has wreaked havoc on the area, causing serious flooding and wind damage.

Alyssa Schafer is a WMU alumna now living in Brooklyn.  She said that people had to leave the area if they lived inside the evacuation zones along the coast.  Public transportation had also been shut down.

“It’s super windy, I can hear the windows creaking and moving,” Schafer said as the storm moved through.

Schafer and many other people in the area won’t be working for a few days due to the shutting down of public transportation, flooding and power outages.

Others, such as emergency personnel and utility workers will have to work twice as hard as usual in the coming days.

The Associated Press has reported the death toll to be at 33 thus far and that over 7 million people are without electricity.

Many businesses and public buildings are going to remain closed, even the New York Stock Exchange.

The storm is now moving slowly northwest.  Even though it is no longer officially a hurricane, it is still a massive storm carrying high winds and heavy rain.  Some areas are getting snow.

The effects of Sandy will continue to be felt in the form of wind and rain through the rest of the week.  After that, the country will have other effects to deal with for months.

View pictures of the storm’s aftermath in NYC here

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