Western Herald – Preacher creates uproar at WMU flagpoles

Preacher creates uproar at WMU flagpoles

Katie King and Kenny Wenzel
News and Sports Reporters

Police were called to a demonstration at the flagpoles at WMU that got out of hand on Wednesday in which a community member shouted to students that they were going to hell for committing sins such as masturbating and having ADHD.

Bro Dean preaches his thoughts to a crowd of students at the flag poles Kenny Wenzel/Western Herald

WMU students listened to the shouts of Bro Dean, 22, of the Christian non-denmonational Church, as he told them that they are going to hell for their sins.

“We are trying to spread messages of love, not hate,” said Jeanette Kritzberg, Sophomore undecided major.

The people that preached at the flagpoles are not WMU students and do not have a group affiliation, but Joey McKenzie, 15 said they are Christian non-demonational members of the Kalamazoo community.

“We are preaching the true gospel,” McKenzie said. “I have been here (WMU’s campus) four times.”

The preachers have a permit allowing them to be on campus, according to WMU police officer Page. The speakers were not disturbing the general atmosphere of the campus so he could be there.

“The crowd is being more aggressive than he is,” Page said.

The officers arrived to make sure things did not escalate and to make sure the people left on time.

“God commanded us to preach,” McKenzie said. “God hates all workers iniquity.”

The preachers’ presence on campus drew loud reactions from students.  Some students held signs while other yelled back at Bro Dean as he yelled comments.

Police watched to make sure nobody broke any laws during the gathering Kenny Wenzel/Western Herald

“They are here all the time,” said Katie Dibiase senior Gender and Women’s Studies Major.  “He is teaching hate. I didn’t come here to learn hate.”

DiBiase did not want the group’s message to be sent.

“I had a student come up to me because I always stand in opposition to the hate preachers that come on campus,” said DiBiase.  “I told the student to have a good say as opposed to telling him everything awful.  The students told me ‘thank you’ because I was going to kill myself because of what these people have been saying.  For telling someone to have a nice day. It changed the entire atmosphere on this campus.”

Bro Dean continued as the main person yelling out while others affiliated with him stood silently by or took pictures of what was going on.

Darrin Cameron, freshman Spanish major, was being given a “judgment,” as the crowd was calling it.

“I am trying to entertain the crowd in a light manor,” Cameron said about why he wanted to be given a judgement.

Darrin said that he was not angry about what the man said to him, it was something to laugh about.

“It did pull on the heart strings a bit when he said my parents don’t love me,” Darrin said.  “He also said I come from a broken family.”

It was best to listen, let him speak then let him go said Darrin.

His permit ended at 3pm.

The preaching created a uproar on Twitter from Western Michigan students.

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2 Comments to Preacher creates uproar at WMU flagpoles
    • Mm
    • This whole situation is terribly upsetting, I consider myself a non denominational, God loving Christian…. But the things this man was saying and the way he did it is like nothing I’ve ever been taught. This makes me so sad because non Christians who witnessed this man are now most likely mad and turned away from Christ, I just want to clear up the fact that this is NOT the way Christians act, this man had a very warped vision on Christianity and how JESUS treated people.

    • Jesse Morrell
    • Praise God for sending preachers to Western! That’s a very wicked campus. The students there are heading for hell unless they turn from their sins to Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord that preachers like Dean are so loving that they will tell sinners they are going to hell unless they change their ways! Its too bad his permit had to end!

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