Western Herald – New Building Brings New hopes For WeSustain, and Old Furniture

New Building Brings New hopes For WeSustain, and Old Furniture

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Jake Nelson
Staff Reporter

Great things come from unexpected places. WeSustain was no different.

From a small table in the Bernhard Center, to the offices in the Faunce Student Sevices Building, WeSustain has worked hard to create programs that encourage environmentally conscious behavior. Their new location, the old University Bookstore located at 2529 W. Michigan Ave., brings hopes of expanding that message even further.

“For a year before moving into Faunce Student Services Building our ‘office’ was a table in the Bernhard Center Café. Getting real offices with equipment and storage gave us the leverage we needed to accomplish several major goals, including the creation of a green jobs program which has served over 60 students, the winning of over a million dollars in grant funding for solar, electric vehicle, and other projects, and the creation of the Sustainability Across Research and Teaching initiative (StART),” said Matthew Hollander, Coordinator of Sustainability Projects.

While the new location will bring all sorts of opportunities for the Office of Sustainability, the relocation itself has become a sustainability project. The Office of Sustainability has stayed true to their goal of being eco-friendly by utilizing recycled goods for the majority of its furniture. Nearly all of the furniture will be reused from the old Sangren Building, including: desks chairs, benches, cubicles, cabinets and books cases.

The building’s signature piece is to be the “living wall” of bamboo for the entryway, as Hollander refers to it.

“I believe that it is a fair statement to make that the only new products will be a new reception desk that meets ADA standards and is being built from local and donated wood products. Countertops are either granite salvaged from the Upjohn Company or re-cycled glass and concrete from grinding the floor which is also being re-used,” said Conn Macomber, Director of Projects and Construction.

Students who are interested in getting involved with WeSustain, or who are just interested in the building, can contact the Office of Sustainability at 1903 West Michigan Avenue.



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