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Meet the Candidates

The Kalamazoo City Commission is made up of seven elected officials who serve part time.

Every voter gets seven selections for commissions.

The candidate with the most votes becomes mayor and the second-most votes vice-mayor.

The commission provides leadership and policy direction for the Kalamazoo community and municipal government.

Responses were taken from the Oct. 27 candidate forum at Western Michigan University’s Fetzer Center, which hosted 14 of the 17 candidates campaigning for a seat on the Kalamazoo City Commission.

Each candidate was asked the following:
“On Nov. 3rd, Kalamazoo residents will vote on whether to approve ordinance number 1856, which will amend the Kalamazoo city Code of Ordinances chapter 18 to include sexual orientation and gender identity under the list of statues protected against discrimination for housing accommodations and employment. What will you vote on this referendum and why?”
Click here for a video of this conference.

(Jimmy Dean Ayers, Birleta Bean-Hardeman and Kyle Boyer were not in attendance.)

—Fritz Klug, News Editor


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