Western Herald – McCain Draws Protesters

McCain Draws Protesters

By Ashley Wioskowski
Western Herald

(Karie Kuiper/Western Herald) Tansy Harris, a 26 year old Grand Rapids resident, picketed outside the Mccain rally to show her support for Barack

(Karie Kuiper/Western Herald) Tansy Harris, a 26 year old Grand Rapids resident, picketed outside the Mccain rally to show her support for Barack

Chaos is the only word that could define the scene that took place outside of the John McCain/Sarah Palin visit to Grand Rapids Community College Wednesday night.

On one side, barricaded behind a metal fence, Obama supporters rallied in protest with signs that read “John McCain, more of the same.”

On the other side of the street, dozens begged police officers to be able to squeeze in to The Ford Field House where their message was clear: the Fire Marshall said the building was at maximum capacity, you can leave, but you can’t enter.

Even those who bought tickets in advance were turned away from the building, which according to woodtv.com had been near capacity at 5:42 p.m. The speech that was planned to begin at 7:00 p.m. started at 6:38 p.m., according to woodtv.com.

Amanda Jandahl, a junior majoring in public relations and Spanish, who is a co-chair for Students for McCain at Western Michigan University, was able to see McCain speak. She said she was happy to see him talk about Mich. related issues.

“They talked a lot about reform in Washington, about how they want Washington to be more about people than big wigs,” Jandahl said.

Brian Rosenberg, a senior majoring in finance at WMU who is also a co-chair for Students for McCain said that he thought McCain/Palin touched on all the issues that were crucial to the west side of the state.

“I think that [Palin] is a great attribution to the ticket—it’s the ticket we need,” Rosenberg said.

On the other side, Greg Studt, 26, from Grand Rapids and Tansy Harris, 26, also from Grand Rapids stood behind the lines to support Barack Obama.

“He brings a lot more to the table than McCain. I think it’s a low blow that he picked a woman who is under qualified,” Harris said.

“He has lobbyist on his committee, and it will be the same in the cabinet. Obama is running a campaign for the people … by the people,” Studt said.

Harris said her protest was in hopes of changing some minds or at least showing a fight.

“Obama has really utilized the Internet and got more younger-aged votes,” Harris said.
Harris added that regardless, she hoped that everyone votes.

“There is no excuse not to vote, some countries have to fight for their rights to vote,” Harris said.

Mary Luckhardt, from Sand Lake, Mich. brought her daughters to the event. She said that even though she knew she wasn’t going to get in, she stayed outside in support of McCain.

“I think he cares about us, I really do,” Luckhardt said. “Your not always going to agree with everything they say but you weigh the pros and the cons and it’s McCain.”

Luckhardt commented about one of the big issues that have shaped the election. “I don’t like that this is a black man, white man or woman thing … we’re all human beings.”

Amanda VanEssen, a senior at Grand Valley State University who was also unable to get in to the event said that her attendance is important because she realized how historic it was to attend.

VanEssen’s friend, Corrina Lau, a senior at GVSU said she “came to see the next president.”

“It is rare to have him so close. I mean, Bush wasn’t even here when he was campaigning,” Lau said.

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4 Comments to McCain Draws Protesters
    • Gregory Moorehead
    • Is the country really safer under a Republican administration? Let’s look at a few simple facts: When the World Trade Center was first attacked on February 26, 1993, President Clinton (Democrat) had been in office for 36 days (he was sworn in on January 20, 1993). Some of the perpetrators of the first attack were apprehended and brought to justice in March 1994, other perpetrators were later apprehended and brought to justice in 1997. President Bush (Republican) took office on January 20, 2001. The second World Trade Center attack was on 9/11/01. President Bush had been in office for nearly nine months. Today, seven years later, none of the individuals responsible for that attack have been apprehended nor brought to justice. Furthermore, New York City Mayor Rudolph Guilliani (Republican) was well into his second term at the time of the second World Trade Center attack. One of the pivotal decisions made by Mayor Guilliani after the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, was to move the NYC Emergency Headquarters to the World Trade Center. This is the kind of logic and decision-making McCain supporters believe make for a stronger and safer America.
      Gregory Moorehead, ’89,’93, ’01–New Jersey

    • Morgan
    • I don’t think terrorist attacks have anything to do with who’s in office. No one can predict when they’re going to happen. Oh and these hurricanes are Bush’s fault too, right?

    • Gregory Moorehead
    • The Republican Party has very much made “The War on Terror” a centerpiece of their campaign as well as their political party. Remember that President Bush has said on many occasions we have to fight them over there, so they we don’t have to fight them here. I agree that terriorists attacks probably have very little to do with which party is in office. However, it seems that the manner in which the country responded to the attacks were decidedly different under Democratic and Republican administrations. Furthermore, I agree with you that President Bush is not responsible for the weather. Again however, the manner in which the government responds to natural disasters is one of its major functions. As members of a Democratic society, we all have the responsibility of being informed, and yes, educated citizens.

    • Nate Johnivan
    • This is the craziest election ever, already. In past elections I’ve noticed that there are a select few people that get all fired up about a candidate, and the rest of the country votes for whoever their preaching friends tell them to. It’s not a good system, but it has gotten us through (well, disregarding the past 8 years anyway). This election though feels different, people are excited. Let me correct that, people are excited for Obama. Say what you will McCain Camp, but Obama is a worldwide celebrity. He’s getting people excited. Overall, I guess it’s just really refreshing to see people like that attractive girl picketing for what she feels is right.

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