Western Herald – Keystone XL Pipeline causes gas prices to soar

Keystone XL Pipeline causes gas prices to soar

Katy Terberg
Staff Reporter

In addition to exam crunch time, extracurricular activities, and social obligations, students in Kalamazoo are currently facing another obstacle: increasing gas prices. According to gasbuddy.com, the statewide average gas price rose to $3.93 Friday, up from $3.67, a week earlier than expected.
This rise in gas rates, however, is not an isolated incident, said Western Michigan University Police Lieutenant Scott Coy.

As the weather continues to stay nice many students will avoid the pump by walking or riding a bike.

“We faced a similar situation several years ago when gas prices first started to climb drastically,” he said.  “He United States needs to grow its energy independence by digging for more oil in North America,” he said.
This oil dependence, said Coy, tends to take a toll on public officials in Kalamazoo.
“Police work tends to rack up the miles,” he said. “The Department of Public Safety has seven marked and five unmarked vehicles, two utility trucks, and one administrative vehicle; there’s a lot of stopping and going. It’s the going that drinks the fuel.”
In response to these increasing gas prices, both public officials and students have taken provisions to counteract the problem by finding fuel-free means of transportation.
“Gas prices aren’t really a huge concern for me,” said WMU senior Sara Provost. “I walk to school so prices don’t really affect me that much. That is however one of the reasons I do walk to school instead of driving.”
The switch to transportation free of fuel seems to be on the rise on WMU’s campus. According to Coy, innovations are being made in WMU’s Department of Public Safety. During late spring through the summer, WMU will see more officers on bicycle patrol and even the Segway, a popular European means of transportation.
“My hope is to review the potential for these as well as other alternatives as the budget allows,” said Coy.
The economic and political climate, Coy said, will make the problem more short-sighted. However, the prices are likely to be here for at least the summer.
“There may be a slight drop come fall,” he said.
“The use of hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel capable vehicles” has helped combat any foreseeable gas problems, said Coy. “Our students, faculty and staff can be proud knowing the administration supports these cutting edge initiatives and their wide-spread use.”

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5 Comments to Keystone XL Pipeline causes gas prices to soar
    • John Pontenegro
    • What an inane article. First, if one works hard enough to infer any point to this article (and hard work it is), that point would likely be that the KILLiNG of Keystone XL not Keystone itself, is the reason for high gas prices. But instead of supporting any thesis/headline (or coming to any real conclusion) this article seems to wander around looking for a raison d’être, ultimately offering nothing but a silly excuse to gratuitously throw out an unsupported gaggle of tired and meaningless “green” buzzwords: “hybrid, electric, and alternative fuel”. The real point here is that the college kid and the cop quoted don’t appear to give a hoot about anyone else suffering under high gas prices and the tipoff that is “alternative” energy; but then again those are two demographics who can pass the bills on to those who pay them. To hell with the rest of us!

    • Stephanie
    • The President didn’t necessarily reject the Keystone project, he is waiting for a thorough development of the Environmental Impact Statement to assess the real measures of what kind of impact the pipeline will have. Nebraska relies heavily on Ogallala Aquifer which has the potential of being contaminated from the pipeline, which would hurt the economy of Nebraska and their agricultural industry. Furthermore, what do you think will help the economy more? More people in the hospital due to more air and water pollution or the production and development of better means of energy that can involve the entire nation, instead just the Midwestern states and making those people accept dirty jobs? Also, no matter what, oil is a limited resource. It may be a solution right now, but not for long. We will run out. So what do you propose the nation does next after it has further polluted everything?

      Just curious too, do you have any type of scientific knowledge towards the production of oil, energy, climate change, CO2 emissions, or anything like that? And everyone is affected by oil prices because all prices (food, clothing, etc.) increase. Just because someone walks to school doesn’t mean they are not affected at all.

    • Robert Rhodes
    • Could he be more of an extremist 1% bully – “These increases are a result of the Keystone XL Pipeline, said Congressman Fred Upton in a Kalamazoo conference”. The same speculators driving up the daily costs through gaming the pump price to make the Mitt Santorums look like leaders (of a clown car) also advertise on Limbaugh and fund Fred’s multiple international homes. They jacked up the pump price with rumors of a conflict with South Sudan and Sudan (across from Saudi Arabia) but not with “Cyclone Lua Closes One-Quarter of Australia’s Oil Production” (By James Paton and Elisabeth Behrmann; businessweek.com, 3/14/12).

    • T
    • Seriously? They’re trying to claim that (rejection of the) Keystone pipeline is why gas prices are so high? Give me a break. The Keystone pipeline will allow Canadian oil to reach refineries in the gulf, from where refined gasoline will *BE EXPORTED TO EUROPE*. We’re already exporting a net 433,000 barrels of refined gasoline every single day. If we add more capacity, we’ll just export more…

    • Gary Z
    • Fred Upton, speaking from a conference in Kalamazoo, MI failed to mention the nearly 1,000,000 gallons of tar sands oil that ruined 40 miles of the Kalamazoo River. Since he has received over $700,000 in political contributions from dirty energy, he must feel obliged to say whatever they wish. Total bullshit that Keystone XL is responsible for higher gas prices. It is meant to be an export pipeline. If built it will leak and destroy fresh water supplies.

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