Western Herald – Herald Hearts: Submit Valentine’s Day messages

Herald Hearts: Submit Valentine’s Day messages

Meghan Chandler
Newsletter Editor

Valentine’s Day has arrived.

Throughout the last week, the Western Herald has been accepting Herald Hearts where people can let someone know how much they appreciate them.

Plenty of submissions have been received expressing love to significant others, organizations and family members. Check back throughout the day for your message to appear in this story and on the Western Herald’s Facebook page.

To leave a message, visit the Herald Hearts website.

FROM: Melanie Piper

  • I appreciate everything you do John Harmon. I love you!

FROM: Jasmine Neldon

  • HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO THE PRETTIEST GIRL AT THE WESTERN HERALD (hehe), my twin sister and News Editor, Ambrosia Neldon!
  • Happy Valentine’s day to the love of my life, Adam LaBine! Love you, sweetie! <3
  • Much love to the Senate of the WESTERN STUDENT ASSOCIATION! Your Speaker loves you! <3

FROM: Ambrosia

  • Herald Reporters (and other staff, too ;)) – great work this year! I’m so proud of you and your awesomeness! Keep up the great work!

FROM: Terri Bierhalter

  • Happy Valentines Day to all three of my WMU girls! Jessica, Beth, and Megan Bierhalter! Love ya bunches ~ Mom

FROM: Meghan Chandler

  • Josh: Thank you for always being there for me. You make me smile every day, even when we aren’t together. I am so happy that we have been together for the last 8 years, and I can’t wait for the many years to come.

FROM: Ross Geiger

  • love, from your favorite husband.

FROM: Cody

  • Happy Valentines Day to all the lovely ladies of Zeta Theta Theta! See you at the 90s party this weekend! Happy Birthday Allyssa!

FROM: La Loca

  • To my Weese:
    I love you so much, wonderful husband of mine! :) you’re my best friend. You
    bring so much joy and happiness into my life. I\’m so excited that we get to
    spend the rest of our lives together! Thank you for being so awesome to me for
    the past few years. I’m looking forward to many more years by your side. Happy
    Valentines Day!
    Love always,
    Your muchachita :p

FROM: Sean Chiplock

  • Ajai,
    Even from the coast of California, I can see your beauty radiating as clear as
    day. <3

FROM: Lydia Harpe

  • I love you Andrew, I’m so glad you are here this semester and we can hang out and do homework together! :)

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