Western Herald – Booth begins WSA presidential term

Booth begins WSA presidential term

By Megan Higdon
Western Herald

The end of another school year signifies the beginning of a new administration for the Western Student Association. Nate Knappen and Janine Putnam gave their final speech as WSA president and vice president to the Senate yesterday.

Marissa Ingle/Western Herald | Western Student Association President Aaron Booth, and Vice President Joey Blaszczyk take oaths during their inauguration into the executive branch of the WSA.

Putnam shared with the Senate WSA’s accomplishments during the 2009-2010 year, including raising almost $9,000 for the Special Olympics of Michigan, approving almost a dozen resolutions within the Senate, hosting Gov. Jennifer Granholm at Western Michigan University and WSA’s role in the Student Association of Michigan.

After their speech, Chief Justice Alexander Smith inaugurated Aaron Booth and Joey Blaszczyk as the new president and vice president. Booth and Blaszczyk were sworn in on the WSA’s constitution as well as a Centennial Brown and Gold Memorial book that was created in 2003 to celebrate WMU’s centennial.

“Joey and I are proud to be here, to say the least,” said Booth during his inauguration speech.

Not only are Booth and Blaszcyzk starting a new administration, others are beginning to join the process. Along with his vice president, Booth has chosen two cabinet members; Erin Kaplan as Student Affairs Chair and Kristopher Banks as University Pride Chair. There were more inaugurations as well, including numerous senators for each of WMU’s colleges. Former Speaker Pro Tempore Christina Clarke was elected by the Senate as the new Speaker of the Senate.

Booth takes the oath of office from Fritz Klug on Vimeo.

Booth emphasized the importance of having a strong and diverse administration.

“We want to pick a team that can be cohesive and work towards our goals,” Booth said.

Applications to fill the remaining cabinet positions are available online at www.rockthewmuvote.com and are due Sunday, April 11.

“I’m excited and eager to see what opportunities and challenges come from the Senate and the student body,” Blaszcyzk said.

And Knappen had many good things to say about the administration.

“I feel proud, confident and excited to pass the leadership of the WSA off to Booth-Blaszcyzk,” said Knappen after the meeting.

When asked if he would miss the position as president.

“Never again will I have the opportunity to impact such a great population of students,” Knappen said.

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