Western Herald – A look into the inner workings of the Western Student Association

A look into the inner workings of the Western Student Association

Richard Garza
A&E Reporter

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The Western Student Association is a student government tasked with the purpose to “fairly represent the student body of Western Michigan University,” according to the Senate rules.

“Each senator represents their respective registered student association or college,” Brandy Morgan, current speaker for WSA, said.

Each registered student organization is allowed one senator, while each college is allowed one senator per five hundred students registered with that college.

“You are the voice and representation of the people in your RSO or college,” Morgan said. “You are not an individual voter, but a representative of your group.”

With each session, the majority of the time is spent raising motions, or things a senator thinks ought to be changed. If the motion is seconded by another senator, then the motion will be discussed until someone calls the question, where discussion will cease. At that point, the Senate will vote on the motion.  Votes will be cast either in favor of the motion or opposed to it. Senators may abstain from voting if they have a personal connection to the motion.

If consent is called with no objections, then the motion will be passed without a formal vote count. Any motion involving finances cannot have consent.

Each session must have a quorum of half the senators plus one.  If the Senate does not have a quorum at a meeting, the session will be terminated, due to lack of voters.

With each motion, the senate looks to create a more interactive, safer, and, ultimately, better environment for the students of WMU.

WSA student senators meet every Wednesday at 4 p.m. in the Bernhard Center to discuss newly raised issues and propositions. Sometimes guest speakers will be brought in to talk to the senators, such as former head of WSA, Keith Lagore, and Tracey Quada, director of the Office of Military and Veteran’s Affairs.  However, the main goal is to “act in the collective interests of WMU students,” according to the senate rules.


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