Western Herald – $75,000 sustainability grant: proposals due Thursday Feb. 27

$75,000 sustainability grant: proposals due Thursday Feb. 27

Samantha Macy
News Reporter

Twice a year, the Student Sustainability Grant is awarded to groups of students with sustainability project proposals.

Derek Kanwischer (Courtesy Photo)

The projects must pertain to campus, and applications for the grant are due this Thursday, Feb. 27 by midnight.

“The Student Sustainability Grant does require a fair degree of sophistication in planning and budgeting, both money and time,” said Derek Kanwischer, coordinator of sustainability projects. “We want people to critically evaluate a problem and come up with a feasible solution, and that solution needs to be a long-term, sustainable solution.”

The Student Sustainability Grant has been awarded since the fall 2011. Over the whole year, the grant can add up to $75,000, but it’s divided amongst the students who apply.

Usually, each winning student project receives $5,000 or less, according to Kanwischer.

The Student Sustainability Grant offers funding and support in ways that student projects are not typically supported, and provides a structure in which students can pose problems and find solutions to those problems, said Kanwischer.

“Funding for the grant comes from the Student Sustainability Fee,” said Kanwischer.

Kanwischer added that the Student Sustainability Fee is an $8 fee that all students pay each semester, and it has been in place since early 2010.

The grant proposals that are approved involve a good deal of planning, to ensure that the projects that are funded will make the best use of the funds awarded.

“Any student who submits a proposal for a grant is being evaluated by their student peers,” said Kanwischer, and added that grants are administered by Student Activities and Leadership Programs.

Click here for more information about the grants, and how to submit a proposal.

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