Western Herald – Western Herald A&E Staff Oscar Predictions

Western Herald A&E Staff Oscar Predictions

August Smith
A&E Editor

Tonight marks one of the most anticipated and hotly debated award ceremonies of the year, the 86th Academy Awards, wherein actors, actresses, directors and more will be immortalized for their cinematic work in the past year. The Academy Awards always constitute a feeding frenzy of media response, with nominee predictions, red carpet coverage and post-award deliberation for weeks; here at the Herald, we feel it only right to participate. What follows is a number of predictions from a few of the reporters on the Arts & Entertainment staff. Those interested in making their own predictions can view a list of the nominees here.

Actor in a Leading Role:

“I would choose Leonardo DiCaprio for his role in Wolf of Wall Street. I think that Leo DiCaprio is an amazing actor and although the competition is stiff this year, I think it’s finally Leo’s time to shine.” – Richard Garza

Matthew McConaughey’s portrayal of AIDS patient Ron Woodroof in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ is the kind of performance that wins an Oscar. McConaughey, 44, is often defined by his roles in formulaic rom-com’s and tendency to be shirtless, but the career-redefining lengths he went through to reach audiences as Woodroof showed the world he has some serious acting chops. The only other person this award could possibly go to is Chiwetel Ejiofor in ’12 Years a Slave.’ Sorry to the Leonardo DiCaprio fans, but he didn’t exactly step out of his comfort zone in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ If Leo wants that elusive first Oscar, he should consider taking other roles besides the ones where he plays a morally questionable out-of-touch millionaire.” -Griffin Miller

“I’ve heard actors on talk shows say on more than one occasion any role they have had to gain or lose a lot of weight for is a role worthy of an Oscar.  I guess the Oscar committee feels the actor is really taking the role to heart. Best actor: Matthew McConaughey.” -Catherine Larrison


Actress in a Leading Role:

Cate Blanchett was manic, vulnerable, and a little bit disturbed as a wealthy, snobbish housewife turned completely broke in ‘Blue Jasmine.’ As someone who is about to graduate college and face something called real life, I felt the anxiety of Blanchett’s character as she re-evaluates herself and must completely start anew. The film has sort of flown under the radar but features great writing from Woody Allen that does not fall short, thanks in part to Blanchett. Blanchett has already won an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category for 2004’s ‘The Aviator,’ but will win the Leading Role award this year. Her strongest competition is Meryl Streep from ‘August: Osage County,’ but Streep has already won three Oscars and been nominated a record 18 times. This one should go to Blanchett.” -Griffin Miller

“I have only seen two of the movies in the best actress category: ‘American Hustle’ with Amy Adams and ‘Blue Jasmine’ with Cate Blanchett. But that is not going to stop me from predicting a winner.  Any time Meryl Streep or Judi Dench are nominated they win.  Having both formidable women nominated at the same time will cause one to cancel the other out.  The win will go to Cate Blanchett.” -Catherine Larrison

Cate Blanchett will win best actress.” -Hannah Ball


Animated Feature Film:

“For Animated Feature Film of the Year, I choose ‘The Wind Rises’, the final film by Hayao Miyazaki. Although many people would say Frozen deserves it, I feel this movie deserves it more, because as mentioned before this is the final film by esteemed director (and one of my favorites) Miyazaki, and on top of that, it’s a phenomenal flick!” -Richard Garza

“While it would have been nice to give Miyazaki an award for his swan song, the fact is that ‘Frozen’ dominated the both the box office and the collective mind of damn near everyone who saw it or knew someone who saw it.” -Tyler Van Horn

‘The Wind Rises’ because it is billed as Hayao Miyazaki’s last film.” -Catherine Larrison


Actress in a Supporting Role:

“I have actually seen three of the five Sally Hawkins (‘Blue Jasmine’), Jennifer Lawrence (‘American Hustle’) and Lupita Nyong’o (’12 Years a Slave’).  All three women were very good but I am going with June Squibb (‘Nebraska’) from a trailer I saw.  She won me over in that small amount of time.” -Catherine Larrison


Original Screenplay:

“Odd, concise, idiosyncratic to a fault while remaining deeply personal, ‘Her’ is a wonderfully written movie that portrays a modern sense of loneliness that’s funny in a way that makes you feel deeply wounded. It never betrays its length, and takes what could have been an easy finger-wagging, reductionist philosophy towards our present interpersonal disparities and instead leaves on a hopeful, poignant note that no suffering is for nothing.” -Tyler Van Horn


Documentary Feature:

“Jeremy Scahill and Richard Rowley’s documentary on the collateral damage of the War on Terror, entitled ‘Dirty Wars’, brings to attention issues that most everybody probably suspected on some level, but couldn’t find it within themselves to articulate real concern towards.” -Tyler Van Horn


Visual Effects:

“Hands down I would give it to ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’, simply for Smaug himself. I think he was the best visual effect created since Gollum, and it was just a breathtaking experience.” -Richard Garza


Best Picture:

“‘Gravity’ will win best picture.” -Hannah Ball

“For Best Picture, I would go with ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. Two words: Leonardo DiCaprio. Need I say more?” -Richard Garza

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3 Comments to Western Herald A&E Staff Oscar Predictions
    • Adam Command
    • I am also a fellow Herald reporter and those who know me pretty well know there is absolutely no way I don’t weigh in on this discussion. I am a film freak and have seen more than 80% of the films and performances. I will lay out my picks accordingly. I enjoyed some of my peers’ opinions but I also have a few of my own.
      I will weigh in on just a few categories.
      Best Picture- Gravity is awesome and will most likely win the most Oscars tonight but I am going with 12 years a slave…Oscar loves the past, not the future…look no further than a couple years back with Avatar/Hurt Locker. In the history of the awards, only 2 sci-fi/fantasy films have ever won best pic. (LOTR and Around the World in 80 Days)
      Directing- This SHOULD go to David O. Russel, who may be the hottest director on the planet (look at his last 3 films…WOW) but this will go to Coaron for Gravity. This film is almost ahead of its time concerning how films are produced. Plus, it will be a the biggest Oscar they bring home.

    • Adam Command
    • Best Actress- Cate Blanchett takes it home–she was brilliant in Jasmine. However, do not be surprised if Bullock steals another one.
      Best Actress Supporting- Would Oscar really give a 22 year old 2 in a row? J Law was fantastic but I do not see it. I actually think Sally Hawkins deserves it the most, but Lupita Nyong is on fire right now. She takes the statue.
      Best Actor- By far and away the hardest category in recent memory. This category is absolutely stacked! Every single actor deserves it, especially an aging Bruce Dern–the legend. Leo should have 2 already (blood diamond, Django) but too unlovable in the film, although I loved him..haha…I like Matty M. He is scorching.
      Best Actor Supporting-Dallas Buyers Club was full of performances and Leto is really my only sure bet this year.
      Cinematography- Between Gravity and a brilliant film called Nebraska…Gravity takes it home. Just shot too uniquely not to..
      Screenplay Original- American Hustle, in my opinion, was the best film of the year along with wolf, but unfortunately, this may be the only statue they grab.
      Screenplay Adapted- If you have read the books, the wolf should get this one but it is just too Caligula-esque. I mean, it is amazingly raunchy so I will go with 12 years a slave to take home Oscar.

    • Adam Command
    • Visual Effects- Tough because all films have well done effects now. craftsmanship and practical effects are a dying art. Any of these films could win but Gravity adds another.
      Costume- Gatsby could steal this with its only nomination but Hustle is my pick even if I do contradict my previous statement…
      Original Song—seriously? Let it go….man
      Animated Film- I agree it should be the Wind Rises but it won’t. Frozen my friends, just like campus!
      Editing- Gravity again ladies and gents…it just is what it is…

      I will end there. Enjoy the night. For true film fans, it is almost like the Superbowl–well in length that is…

      Snub of the year–Harrison Ford as Branch Rickie and Phoenix in HER..

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