Western Herald – TONIGHT: University Theatre unlocks “Communicating Doors”

TONIGHT: University Theatre unlocks “Communicating Doors”

John Campbell
A&E Reporter

Murder and time travel are the two main elements in “Communicating Doors,” opening tonight (Feb. 7) at the D. Terry Williams Theatre in the Gilmore Theatre Complex.

(From Left) Robert E. Clemence, David Lew Cooper and Talia Grzelewski star in “Communicating Doors,” opening tonight at the Gilmore Theatre Complex(Photo by John Lacko)

A six person ensemble, including Bobby Clemence, Landon Cally, Allie Pelletier, Jessica Parsons, Talia Grzelewski and David Lew Cooper, makes up the entire cast of the show.

“It’s a zany British farce and it has to do with time travel,” Cooper said. “It has to do with oodles of murder and really the cast and the creative team is absolutely fantastic.”

Charge painter Madeleine Gibson said that the set design is not extensive, but is very interesting.

“My job is to take the design and take the scenery that’s built by the carpenters and then make it look like the design, so I’ve been looking off the model and talking to the designers to get what they want,” Gibson said.

Cooper noted one main recurring theme in “Communicating Doors.”

“It’s all to do with time,” Cooper said. “The set plays an absolutely integral part in the production. The set really is one of the strongest driving forces and it’s really very important.”

Cooper called the show weird, but touching.

“It’s about a prostitute from the future who tries to save an elderly businessman’s dead wives,” Cooper said.

Cooper is very fond of the director of “Communication Doors.”

“Mark Liermann is about the finest director I’ve ever worked with,” Cooper said. “The man is a professional.”

But beyond the note-perfect direction, the crazy themes and the minimalistic set, Cooper said there is another reason that Western students should see “Communicating Doors.”

“Student tickets are incredibly affordable,” Cooper said. “There’s really no excuse not to see it, not to see every production at Gilmore.”

“Communicating Doors” can be seen at the D. Terry Williams Theatre in the Gilmore Theatre Complex Feb. 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 and 16 at 8:00 p.m. and Feb. 17 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets are available at the Gilmore Theatre Complex box office, online at www.wmich.edu/theatre/season/tickets/ or by phone at 269-387-6222.

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