Western Herald – TOMORROW: Acclaimed comic Kathleen Madigan comes to Miller Auditorium

TOMORROW: Acclaimed comic Kathleen Madigan comes to Miller Auditorium

Craig Manning
A&E Editor

Lewis Black called her “the funniest comic in America, bar none,” a claim Ron White corroborated when he praised her as “easily one of the funniest comics alive.” She’s been featured on talk shows with Leno, Letterman, Conon O’Brien and Craig Ferguson, appeared on well-known 21st century comedy programs like Blue Collar Comedy and Last Comic Standing and shared the stage with noted comics from Lewis Black to Robin Williams. In June 2011, she was even named one of the nine funniest women on the planet by PopMatters.com.

She’s Kathleen Madigan, and tomorrow, Feb. 15, at 8 p.m., she will add Miller Auditorium’s 2012-13 season to her resume.

Speaking from a hotel room in Chicago (with poor cell-phone reception, no less), Madigan discussed the show format audience members can expect, her almost constant touring schedule and her philosophy about life on the road.

Madigan spends nearly 300 nights out of the year touring, filling her spare time in Los Angeles or with visits to her birthplace of St. Louis, which she still considers home. Just last week, she played to audiences in Los Vegas, assisting Ron White with his “Salute the Troops” show, from which all proceeds will go towards the military. Now, she’s hitting the snow-capped mid-west, from Chicago to Kalamazoo to Indianapolis.

But as her Miller appearance hints, big cities aren’t the only target for Madigan’s current tour. She just made the trek up north as well, crossing Michigan’s arctic tundra to Traverse City for a Valentine’s Day gig. There, she just provided opening night festivities to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s acclaimed and eclectic Comedy Festival.

Clearly—and unlike some other touring acts—Madigan is intimidated neither by inclement weather, nor by off-the-beaten-path small towns.

“I like to mix it up,” Madigan said, explaining her tour schedule dynamic. “I like going to weird places, places I’ve never been. I like to drive from town to town rather than flying. It lets me see a lot more things.”

Furthermore, despite the recent snow storms enjoyed by our local area, Madigan vowed that nothing will stop her from making it to tomorrow’s Miller show.

”I was in Boston [two weeks ago] and just missed the storm,” she said. “If I can’t fly in, I can still drive it. Either way, I’ll get there.”

Admission for Madigan’s show is $32.50 apiece and plenty of great seats are still available. Tickets can be purchased on Miller’s website, over the phone at 269-387-2300 or 800-228-9858 or in person at the Box Office prior to the show. To learn more about the Kathleen Madigan, visit her website at www.kathleenmadigan.com.

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