Western Herald – Rupert’s Brew House opens, strives for comfort

Rupert’s Brew House opens, strives for comfort

Richard Garza
A&E Reporter

Rupert’s Brew House is a microbrewery that brings a feeling of home, with a great assortment of music and beer.

Rupert’s, which opened in October 2013, combines a high quality assortment of beers, a variety of live music and a friendly environment.

“We were originally going to open downtown, when we saw the building where the Strutt used to be was vacant,” Rupert said.

Formerly the location of Boogie Records from 1972 to 1995, the building had a huge music background and an equally huge following. Rupert saw this as a way to capitalize and add a microbrewery culture to the well-enriched music culture in Kalamazoo.

“We have a large stage; Tuesdays through Sundays are occupied with various bands,” Rupert said. “Anyone that’s willing and talented, we’d love to have them.”

The brew house has a festival style of seating and is able to hold a maximum of 287 people. Despite this, Rupert’s strives for people to feel comfortable, like it’s their own living room.

But make no mistake; Rupert’s is a microbrewery, not a pub.

“There’s a big difference between a pub and a microbrewery,” Rupert said.

The biggest difference between Rupert’s and a pub is that Rupert’s does not offer food.

“We’d have to sell 70 percent food sales to be considered a pub,” Rupert said. “We want to help local food vendors and focus solely on the beer.”

If people wanted to order food from other places and have it delivered to Rupert’s or if they want to bring their own, they can do so.

“We have an unlimited menu, because we have no menu,” Rupert said.

With no food or subsequent kitchen staff to worry about, Rupert’s main focus is on the brewery.

“We are not a turnkey brewery,” Rupert said. “We are hands-on and elbows to the grind.”

They like to put in the extra effort, like opening up and cleaning their own kegs.

Aside from beer, Rupert’s also offers other drinks such as French pressed coffee and cans of pop.

In addition to the friendliness, Rupert’s is also the home of a big and furry companion.

“I have a giant 197 pound Great Dane; his name is Captain Stooby,” Rupert said. “He’s our mascot.”

Events that occur at Rupert’s include having a family friendly activity every Sunday. Also, beginning next year, Rupert’s will hold a peer home brewers competition, where the winner will get to have their brew be named Beer of the Month and be on tap that month.

Rupert noted that in 1923, Rupert’s Brew House was the Oakland Pharmacy, and held a motto that stuck with the building its entire existence: “Where Great Friends Meet.”

“[For customers], there is no pressure to be anything but themselves,” Rupert stated.

Rupert’s Brew House is located at 773 W. Michigan Ave. and is open from 2 p.m. till 2 a.m. seven days a week.


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