Western Herald – MODA’s “Concrete Jungle” fashion show a success for student designers

MODA’s “Concrete Jungle” fashion show a success for student designers

Kaitlyn Mitchell
News Reporter

A colorful Russia-inspired rack of garments made by Fashion Design and Art double major Taylor Swain. She hand-painted and dyed the rayon jersey blend fabrics. Kaitlyn Mitchell/Western Herald

Oxblood reds, sleek leathers, peplum detail and crop tops were the buzzwords of the evening at the Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association’s Concrete Jungle fashion show.

The Bernhard Center ballroom was transformed into a professional runway environment complete with VIP seating and fabulous favors.

MODA designer and Product Development major Meghan Oesterle created her line using rich burgundies and shiny leather fabrics. In addition, her technique of recycling old garments was environmentally conscious.

“[I did] Upcycling from Goodwill. I really loved how I could find a lot of pieces and remake those into really cool trendy outfits, pulling from British punk rock,” said Oesterle.

Sophomore Product Development major Jacob Carl drew upon his own imagination for a theme for his first full MODA collection.

“I’m inspired by my story that I came up with. It was about a woman that went from nothing and worked her way into the business world, got too powerful in the business world, went completely insane and ends up in a straight jacket,” said Carl.

Carl explained how that original idea transcended into the story of every garment in his line.

“The silk dress that I made – I hand-painted it – it’s got a Rorschach on the back, which is a insanity ink test, which also comes right before my straight jacket to show that she’s completely lost. The look before that, if I’m working backwards in my line, is her suit look, where she is at the height of her business looks, and that’s where she starts to get to get twisted because that’s where the chains start to come out of the line. The three looks before my suit dress are completely wearable, and could be ready-to-wear looks. And the rest of it is pretty much avant-garde,” said Carl.

Detail on an avante-garde garment made out of candy necklaces by Fashion Design major Lindsey Fox. Kaitlyn Mitchell/Western Herald

Elaborate craftsmanship of the highest quality was something all MODA Concrete Jungle designers clearly exhibited in their work. Not one loose thread or unfinished seam was allowed onto the runway. Designers create every aspect of their line, including selecting music suitable to their theme.

Textile and Apparel Studies faculty awarded honors to the most noteworthy lines. Malu Palma won the “Most Marketable Line” award for her ready-to-wear spring pieces aimed at young professional females.

The MODA Concrete Jungle fashion show wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the various student committees that organize the semi-annual event. Meghan Terbush runs the Public Relations committee, which promotes MODA on radio, in print, and through various events throughout the semester leading up to the fashion show.

MODA meets at eight p.m. on Mondays in the Bernhard Center. For information leading up to the spring fashion show at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in downtown Kalamazoo, check out the Registered Student Organization’s blog at http://modawmu.wordpress.com/.

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