Western Herald – First date do’s and don’ts according to WMU students

First date do’s and don’ts according to WMU students

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Lexus Ramsey
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Dating has become sort of a national pastime for teens and young adults. The first date can lead to a magical fairy tale marriage, or wishing the disaster of a date never happened.

Most like to think they know the right things to do and say on first dates, but let’s face it; no one really has this down to a complete science. So Western Michigan students and other college students alike shared their experiences, tips, do’s and don’ts on first dates.

“Boys should pay for the first date,” said Roshawna Tate, sophomore at WMU. “They shouldn’t complain about money either.”

This was a reoccurring answer.

“Men paying for the first date shouldn’t even be a question. It comes with the territory,” said Troyia Rambo, Senior at WMU.

So fellas don’t look down on the idea of paying for the first date, it may be the deciding factor in potentially getting another.

Guys also shared their opinions about this topic.

“I don’t like when a girl is too talkative,” said Brandon Powell, sophomore at WMU. “Talking too much to me is an early sign of selfishness. I try to stay away from women like that.”

“The first date should be a time for us to get to know one another. Not for one person to talk about themselves all night,” said Chris Perkins,  junior at Oakland Community College. “My last date only wanted to talk about her. Needless to say we didn’t work out.”

The importance of dressing nice was a common answer for both men and women.

Using the information gathered in interviews with students, here is a list of the five most important first date tips for ladies and gents:

  1. Dress to impress, be classy and not too flashy. When dating someone the first form of judgment comes from how the person dresses, so throw on your best outfit and look presentable.
  2. Guys pay for the first date and ladies let them. Fellas should want to pay for the date anyway, so ladies don’t try to play superwoman, let the guy do what he is obligated to do.
  3. Conversation should be revolving around current events mixed with mutual disclosure and a little bit of flirting and jokes. Try to avoid talk about past relationships and problems. This may scare your date away.
  4. Be well mannered. Fellas hold the door open for women, ladies smile and say thank you. That’s only the tip of the ice berg but proper etiquette is respectable and quite frankly attractive. Show your date some sophistication.
  5. And the most important rule for first dates: Absolutely positively do not have sex on the first date. This can damage a relationship before it can even get started, make things awkward, and take way the pleasure of looking forward to something. So guys and gals take control of your hormones and make your date wait at least until the second date.Now it’s time to put these tips to use. Enter the dating world following these guidelines and with a little luck, the next fairy tale relationship could surface.
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    • Good advice for a first date – better still though would be to use the video chat feature on some of the most popular sites such as attracion(dot)com which enables you to really get to know someone before arranging that crucial first date!

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    • Excellent article! Classic topic covered with a fresh and sophisticated writing style. Keep up the good work Western Herald!!

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