Western Herald – Sending Your Files

Sending Your Files

Sending Your Files

You may e-mail smaller (less than 1.5MB) files directly to our advertising representatives at: Herald-Advertising@wmich.edu. The subject line should include your account name.

We prefer files to be sent to us as PDFs (Portable Document Format). This allows you to embed all graphic content, as well as fonts. We use Adobe Acrobat. We are an ALL-MACINTOSH business. Many windows generated files may be fine to use, but please ask if you have any questions.

We gladly accept: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop files and require all elements of your document to be sent, i.e.: fonts and graphic elements.

Ads designed in word processing programs (such as Microsoft Office) will not be accepted. If your ads are designed in one of these applications, we will have to rebuild them.